Stay Prepared...
Get Your Flu Shot 

Flu season is around the corner. Our goal at Total Care is to keep you and your employee's healthy and in the safest environments possible. One way we can all work to meet this goal is by getting our YEARLY FLU SHOT!

This year we will be offering 2 ways to get a flu shot.  

Company/Organization Group Flu Shots

Total Care will come on-site to offer flu shots to your group. We offer three payment options

  • Group Rate: Paid together by company/organization

  • Billed to Personal Insurance: This is usually at NO COST to the insured

  • Self-Pay: We offer low individual prices

*10-person on-site minimum 

*SETX region


Pre-Register by Filling Out Your Form

The bonus of pre-registering means your paperwork is done and we know you are coming so there will be NO WAIT TIME! 

Download the PDF then text "flu appt" to 1(206)20-39019

Scan the QR code in the parking lot and tell us you pre-registered for your flu shot!

Sign-Up for On-Site Company
Flu Vaccines

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Flu Vaccine Forms

Please download and fill out the form.


to: +1 (206) 203-9019